The most unusual cleaning hacks - which ones will you try?

There are all sorts of cleaning products available for different purposes – kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, carpet cleaners, stain removers, dish soap and the list goes on. However, using commonly found household consumables such as vinegar, salt and lemon as an alternative has become increasingly popular, as not only could it save you money, but it might also give you better results!

There a number of unusual hacks and tips that could make cleaning your household easier. Which ones will you try?

Use lemon & salt to clean a wooden chopping board

Not only does lemon have plenty of health benefits and anti-bacterial qualities, but due to its acidic nature, it has been used for various cleaning hacks too, be it your kitchen, your bathroom or even your clothes or household furniture. One in particular is using lemon and salt to clean your wooden chopping board, or any wooden surface for that matter. Sprinkle some table salt generously over the chopping board, then cut a lemon in half and use it to rub the salt in, juicy side down, releasing the lemon juice while you scrub. Continue to scrub thoroughly and watch the food stains disappear. When you’re done, use a cloth to wipe off the lemon and salt then rinse away any leftover solution.

Toothpaste makes a great polisher

Did you know your regular toothpaste can be used for cleaning things other than your teeth? Not only can it help to remove stains from your carpet or your clothes, but it makes a great polish alternative for your jewellery and silverware. Scrubbing your jewellery gently with a toothbrush and bit of toothpaste will help make your jewellery sparkle, meanwhile rubbing a damp cloth with toothpaste will help remove any dirt and scuffs, be it your car or a scratched CD.

Use Coca-Cola to de-scale your kettle and clean saucepans

Who knew that one of the world’s most popular fizzy drinks could be used to clean your everyday household items? Regular Coke has many hacks, but it is particularly good for removing rust, grease and stains. Due to the carbonic acid in Coca-Cola, it can be used to dissolve limescale in your kettle. Simply fill your kettle with Coca-Cola to almost maximum capacity and let the kettle boil. Once the kettle has cooled down, after approximately 45 minutes, tip the Coca-Cola out and see the limescale lifted from inside the kettle. Rinse the kettle several times with water to remove any remaining Coca-Cola and limescale residue. The same method can be used for burnt pans. Alternatively, you can leave the Coca-Cola to soak overnight, as opposed to boiling it.

Use a bowl of water and lemon to remove tough microwave stains

Tired of scrubbing your microwave to remove stubborn grease and stains? Fill a microwave-safe bowl up with some water then cut a lemon in half and squeeze some of the lemon juice into the water. Place the lemon halves into the bowl then place the bowl of water and lemon into the microwave. Turn the microwave on for 3 minutes so the liquid comes to a boil. After the 3 minutes, do not open the microwave door until another 5 minutes has passed. The hot steam from the water and lemon will loosen any stains and grease from inside the microwave. After letting it stand for 5 minutes, open the microwave door and carefully remove the bowl of water. Using a dishcloth, wipe the inside of the microwave clean, ceiling and sides first, then finishing with the bottom to collect any gunk that has fallen.

Vinegar soak to remove hard water stains

If you’re unfortunate to have hard water in your household, you’ll know it can ruin the appearance of your dishes and silverware, sinks and taps, and anything else that it touches. If you haven’t invested in a water softener, using white vinegar can give you great results. Either soak your hard water stained dishes and silverware in a bowl of vinegar then rinse clean with water, or soak a cloth in vinegar and rub the stains away. For clean taps and shower heads, soak a dishcloth or towel in vinegar and wrap around the area to leave overnight. The hard water stains and scale will be lifted by morning, making it easy to wipe away any stains and residue.

We hope you have found our cleaning hacks of use. Let us know how you get on by taking a photo and posting on social media!