The best toilets in the world

As we’re sure you know, National Toilet Day was last week so we are celebrating by showing you some of best and most bizarre toilets from around the world! Whilst many of you may not think twice about the bathroom essential, feast your eyes on these extravagant lavatory delights and we’re sure you’ll be getting into the spirit of National Toilet Day with us by the end!

1. The Boogie Loo

Toilet trailblazers, TOTO from Japan have really outdone themselves with the N5A futuristic toilet seat. It includes essentials that you didn’t yet know where essential, like a seat heater, automatic washer, electronically controlled seat, and even a full-fledged MP3 player with SD card slot.

That’s right, this toilet is music-ready for you to boogie on down whilst on the loo… now one never needs to leave the party! Just plug your music into the seat, or play one of the 16 classic tunes already included on the SD card and away you go. Going to the toilet has never been so exciting!

2. The Live Toilet

This toilet is either an eternal amusement to its user or a terrifying prospect to the fish-phobic people out there. Either way, it is an ingenious feat, designed by Oliver Beckert, and we heartily approve!

The bathroom aquarium tank is made to fit most standard-sized bowls and custom sizes are available too, so now you can easily add a little bit of life to your bathroom!

3. Portable Potty

Ever missed your younger days where the toilet moved around to wherever you were? Well this adult portable potty is your ideal solution! The Insipod is a real-life portable adult toilet, it works like a tent and when not in use, it fits in a small wrapped package… so simple!

When deployed, the nylon shell spreads out like a balloon to not only provide privacy but also to contain all the smells that come with using the restroom… quite the cure for those frequent loo-goers amongst us!

4. The Disappearing Urinal

This cutting-edge toilet is regularly named the disappearing urinal, as it pops up at night to offer a loo on demand, and returns back to street level in the morning. It’s cleverly designed to deter late night party people from using the street as their toilet and we think it’s quite ingenious!

Officially called the Urilift, it’s a two-meter high sleek, stainless steel cylinder with three alcoves, each with a urinal and no door for an extra-public loo experience! By day, the Urilift disappears to leave a clean appearance, then at night, an operator comes by with a remote control and the Urilift hydraulically lifts out to its full height in about two minutes… providing a loo on demand!

5. A Lavish Lavatory

This pure gold bathroom built by Chinese jewellery mogul, Lam Sai-wing, is by far the most lavish lavatory we’ve ever seen! It required 380kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones to complete its glittering appeal, and only cost a mere £29 million to create…

We think that sitting on this loo would certainly make anyone have a new found appreciation for the bathroom! Costing enough to make your eyes water, Lam Sai-wing is officially the king of toilets every day of the year!

6. Powder-Room Pods

Finally, we finish with our personal favourite, the giant alien toilet eggs found in London restaurant, Sketch. These futuristic egg-like designs really make going to the toilet a fantasy dream come true.

Each alien egg also plays suitably eerie music designed to fully immerse you into the otherworldly experience of these power-room pods. But don’t fear! Victorian maids are also on hand to reassure visitors that they haven’t just stumbled into an alien egg nest… how brilliantly bizarre!