Our top spring cleaning tips for businesses

A cluttered and untidy workspace clouds the mind, reduces productivity and increases the chances of getting ill. Workplace cleanliness and organisation is key for your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing and with Spring now on the horizon, now is the perfect time to spring clean your workspace.

We’ve got 5 top tips for spring cleaning your work place that will increase productivity, save you time looking for lost items, reduce workplace illness & injury and encourage a positive mental state at work.

De-clutter your desk at least once a week

Find some time in your diary to tidy your desk area or workspace. That 10 minutes last week you spent chatting to a colleague, making a coffee, or on your phone – utilise that time to do something productive and declutter your desk – or better still, multi-task! We suggest a Friday afternoon so you can return to work on Monday and feel organised and ready for the week ahead.

Invest in desk tidies and paper tray organisers and create a system for filing your work. Throw away any stationery that’s stopped working and recycle old paperwork you no longer need. Clearly label your files and trays to make it easier finding things later on and minimise the amount of personal items on your desk. However, the addition of a plant in your workspace is advisable, because they’ve been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity. It’s said that pictures and souvenirs can often be a distraction, so look to minimise these too.

Go paperless

Reduce the stress of lots of paperwork by going paperless. Not only will you be helping the environment and reducing the time spent looking through stacks of paper, but you can do far more with digital files.

An organised computer, with clearly labelled files and folders will save you heaps of time tracking down files and you can also create a back-up to ensure nothing gets lost. Digital files can be easily sent or shared with others and edited as and when you need. There are also plenty of productivity software tools and websites available for businesses, so you no longer need to use physical diaries or post-it notes.

Create a rubbish system

Reducing waste is vital for the environment, but creating an efficient rubbish system is also important. Set up clearly labelled bins around your work place and at your desk to sort your rubbish, including a bin for your recycling waste. To avoid a build-up of rubbish, make sure to throw away anything you won’t need as you come across it there and then.

It is also handy to keep a shredder nearby for any sensitive documents. Set up a weekly schedule for emptying the bins; if you throw away any food waste, empty these bins daily to prevent them from smelling or creating unwanted germs.

Stock up on cleaning equipment

Assign a cupboard or a draw in the office to keep your cleaning equipment in, including multi-purpose sprays, cloths and anti-bacterial wipes, and keep it topped up. Regularly wipe over your desk area, including your keyboard and mouse, to remove dirt and bacteria. However, avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol or acetone on any of your electronic devices as this can take off the screen’s protective coating. Purchase wipes and cleaners that are specially made for electronic devices and screens. Clean up any spills of food or drink as and when they happen, but avoid eating at your desk if you can.

If you don’t have an office cleaner, make sure to go over door handles and communal areas with anti-bacterial products regularly as part of your cleaning routine. This will help to prevent bacteria spreading and the resulting illnesses.

Place signage and reminders around the office

Creating signage and cleanliness policies and ensuring they are placed prominently around the office will increase the likelihood of your cleaning and hygiene expectations being maintained. Even a sign as simple as reminding you to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom can help to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.

Set expectations by putting an image of a tidy kitchen and an empty sink (with all the cups and dishes put away) up the kitchen area, with signs prompting colleagues to clean up after themselves. Ensure there is always a clean dish cloth and washing up liquid in the kitchen and hand soap in the bathroom, so your colleagues can’t have any excuses!

If you’ve got any top workplace cleaning tips, we’d love to hear them. Email us at info@lssukhservices.co.uk and we will post the best on our social media accounts. Happy spring cleaning!