Clean workplace, happy workplace

“How important is a clean workplace to my health?” isn’t a normal question asked in the workplace, but is certainly something to consider. From preventing illness to increasing staff productivity, businesses can be transformed simply through a quick hoover and a wipe!

Just 70% of offices have a dedicated cleaner – either directly employed or contracted in. It makes us wonder how clean the offices of the other 30% are. With this in mind, we’ve listed below the main points of how a clean office environment can transform your business.

Cleanliness raises staff morale

We’ve all been in offices where the kettle is full of lime scale and dust is gathering around your filing units. If your workplace is showing this lack of care, it’s affecting your employees more than you might expect. After all 82% of staff feel that they would be much more productive in a cleaner office environment.

A dirty workplace is an unloved workplace. How can we expect our employees to love working there if we aren’t showing any care for the space? Keeping your office clean shows appreciation for the space, and in turn, staff will feel the same appreciation too.

First impressions count

When thinking about who your dirty workplace affects, it’s wise to think of every person who enters the space. Current or potential clients, business partners, suppliers as well as the employees are judging the space you provide to work in. If they see an uncaring approach to appearance, that impression spills onto how they judge your business too.

After all, word spreads as fast as germs can, and if the general opinion of your workplace is poor, it can damage your business potential. Make sure every area of your business has a cleaning strategy that creates a presentable, caring impression.

Health benefits for you and your employees

The effect of a healthy workplace is a healthy workforce! Germs are often spread quickly around workplaces that slack on hygiene, ‘the average office desk has up to 400 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat’. .. And when most of us are spending one-third of our lives at work, we want to make sure it’s not somewhere that makes us sick.

Bacteria increases by up to 31% each day on those surfaces which are not disinfected. Make sure all surfaces, desks, door knobs and kitchen areas are disinfected regularly to minimize the carrying and spread of germs from person to person.

It’s also estimated that 60% of staff absenteeism can be attributed to an unclean workplace; you can halve the amount of employees calling in sick by creating a clean work environment. What more inclination do you need?!

Preserves assets over the long term

If the points before haven’t persuaded you of the benefits a clean workplace can have yet, than surely saving on building costs will?

Another great reason for the employer to create a clean workspace, is looking after the building itself! We’re talking about carpets and flooring in particular here, if you aren’t cleaning these areas regularly in a busy building, those carpets and expensive flooring won’t stay around for long.

Investing in commercial carpet cleaning can save your costly floors, allowing them to last in good condition for longer and stopping you investing more than you need to.

Time to get cleaning then…

We hope our tips have made you see how important a clean office is to having a happy and healthy workplace. If you’re ready to change how you care for yours now, get in contact with us and we’ll tailor a package that’s right for you.