Summer Office Cleaning Dos and Don'ts

Working in the summer heat can be particularly uncomfortable and can be made worse when working in an unclean and messy environment. As the seasons change, your cleaning needs will also need to adapt, and with many employees going off on holiday, the summer months could be the perfect opportunity to address the cleanliness of your office.

Here are some dos and don’ts for cleaning your office this summer.

Do eat in the kitchen/break room
While we like to eat our lunch at our desks, in the hot summer months, your food will attract more insects. Try to eat in your allocated break room to avoid spilling food at your desk and attracting unwanted flies and bugs to your work area.

Do not leave scraps of food in your desk bin
If eating at your desk is unavoidable, try to avoid putting your food waste or wrappers in your desk bin, because in the hot summer months it is prone to smelling and attracting insects.

Do empty the bins regularly
Make sure you empty your bins regularly as food can quickly go off when left out in warm temperatures and may even become a health hazard. Leaving food scraps in the office encourages pests and the smell is also off-putting for workers. Empty your bins every day and sterilise the bin and lid itself with an anti-bacterial cleaner at least once a week to destroy any bacteria or germs.

Do clean the air conditioning filters
If you’re fortunate enough to have air conditioning in your office, you’ll likely be using it much more over the summer months. Cooler temperature settings and regular use of your air conditioning unit will likely cause the filter to become fuller much quicker. Make sure to check your air conditioning filter regularly and have it serviced to ensure it remains in full working condition to last you over the summer months.

If you don’t have air conditioning in your office, keeping the windows and doors shut and the blinds closed can help maintain cooler temperatures in your office by keeping the cooler air inside and the hot air outside.

Do use green products
The summer months are particularly tough for allergy sufferers with dust, pollen and allergens circulating in the air more than normal. Choosing eco-friendly and scent free products versus harsher chemicals can help reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and avoid aggravating any allergies further.

Do clean your carpets
The summer months are the time when most employees pack up and go on holiday, leaving less people in the office. This is the perfect opportunity for those more thorough cleaning tasks, such as cleaning your carpets and walls as you don’t need to worry about disrupting a colleague by moving their work area. The warm weather also means they’re far more likely to dry out quicker compared to other seasons.

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