Tips for keeping your office clean

A cleaner work space is known to encourage a clearer mind and increase productivity levels, particularly in an office environment. However, keeping your work space tidy is often easier said than done. If your day is anything like ours, you have a busy schedule and little time for anything else, let alone tidying up your paperwork tray or removing the crumbs that have found their way into the small crevices of your keyboard.

That is why we’ve put together these top, time-saving tips for keeping your work space clean. They will only take a minute or two and can be a quick fix to ensure your work space remains neat and tidy at all times, helping aid your workflow and maximising your productivity.

Keep a microfibre cloth near your desk

Keep your screens, keyboards and telephone keypads clean and free of fingerprints and grease by wiping them down weekly with a microfibre cloth and a light amount of anti-bacterial spray which is suitable for electronic devices and screens. Alternatively, you can purchase anti-bacterial wipes which are specially designed for screens and electronics.

Create a cleaning schedule

Create a rotating cleaning schedule by allocating each day of the week for individual cleaning tasks, ensuring that by Friday when you leave your workspace, it is clean and tidy for the following Monday when you return to work. For example, wipe down your screens and keyboard on Monday with disinfectant, check ink cartridge levels and dispose of used ones on Tuesday, de-clutter your desk and throw away any used stationery on Wednesday, sort your paper tray on Thursday and empty the bins on Friday.

Purchase a hand-held vacuum

Eating at your desk is unavoidable at times, particularly on busier days or in smaller offices that don’t have a sufficient communal area. Crumbs and spills on the desk are inevitable but keeping a cloth or some tissues and a nifty, hand-held vacuum nearby means you can keep your desk clean from spillages, and the vacuum is great for getting those pesky sandwich crumbs out of the crevices of your keyboard.

Have your own mug, wash and re-use

If you have regular coffee or tea drinkers in the office, you’ll know that more often than not an army of dirty mugs are left in the sink at the end of the day. If you don’t have an office cleaner who washes up for you, reduce the number of mugs in your office to one per person and assign each employee a mug that only they use and that will require them to wash it up every time they want a hot beverage. More simply, have named or labelled mugs so you know who the culprit is when a mug is left in the sink at the end of the day. The same applies for other dishes including plates and kitchen utensils. Or, avoid the hassle and bring in your own which you can then chuck in the dishwasher when you get home each evening!

Email us a photo of you giving your desk the clean it deserves at and we will post the best on our social media accounts. Happy cleaning!