5 of the worst culprits for workplace germs

It’s no secret that the workplace is one of the worst places for spreading germs - office phones alone harbour up to 25,000 germs per square inch! So with the majority of people spending 40+ hours a week in the office, it’s vital to ensure workspaces are kept as clean as possible.

Here are some spots not to be missed on your next office clean:

Telephones – Telephones are some of the worst culprits for storing hidden germs, especially in workplaces such as call centres. We suggest using a lightly dampened (not wet!) cloth to kill bacteria, and you can even use cotton buds if you want to give your telephones a more thorough clean.

Mugs – Many office mugs are left at desks overnight, which increases the likelihood of bacteria and mould growing. What’s more, it’s simply not enough just to rinse your office mug if you’re using it every day. If the office has a dishwasher be sure to use it, otherwise, giving it a proper clean in the sink will help you to minimise the spread of germs.

Door handles – Door handles are the worst culprits for spreading viruses due to cross-contamination. It’s therefore important to encourage a workplace hygiene policy; which should include washing hands and maybe even supplying antibacterial hand gel for staff.

Keyboard and mouse – Keyboards have been found to harbour more than 3000 micro-organisms per square inch and the number for a computer mouse is equally as scary too – with an estimated 1600 micro-organisms per square inch! The problem is made even worse when people share multiple-computers. If you do hot-desk, have some anti-bacterial wipes on you and be sure to wash your hands before eating if you eat at your desk.

Once again, the best way to clean office keyboards and mouse’s is a with a lightly dampened cloth and you can use cotton buds to get to harder-to-reach areas. You can also use a vacuum on a lighter setting to clear dust and smaller particles.

Microwave handle – The next time you tuck into your delightfully warm lunch, remember to wash your hands beforehand, as researchers found that 48% of microwave door handles contain high levels of germs. Keep the levels under control by wiping the door handle weekly with a dampened cloth.

Finding the time to keep the office environment as germ-free as possible can be difficult. Let LS SUKH Services take care of all your office cleaning requirements. Call us today on 02380 639 888 to discuss your requirements.