5 simple cleaning resolutions for 2018

The New Year means new resolutions! We all start the New Year in the same way; setting goals to make our lives easier and better, whether it’s losing weight or eating healthily. How many people can honestly say they have kept up with their resolutions by the end of the year?

One resolution that doesn’t have to consume your life is improving your cleaning habits. Cleaning can be seen as a daunting chore, especially after a long day’s work. But it can be a simple and easy task that fits around your busy schedule and does not need to disrupt any other activity. In fact, we have the most simple cleaning hacks to ensure you’re not over-spending time cleaning, including tips on how to prevent a build-up of mess and clutter in your home.

The key to maintaining resolutions is to make them achievable, making gradual and small changes to your cleaning routine is the first step towards a cleaner 2018. Simply incorporate at least one of these 5 cleaning hacks into your lifestyle and cleaning will be neither a daunting or time-consuming task anymore!

Don’t leave it till later

‘I’ll clean up later’ - one of the most-heard phrases in household history. The first hack is to make a habit of cleaning up immediately after yourselves. This means washing the dishes straight away after meals, picking up any clothes from the floor after getting dressed, putting toys and books away before the children go to bed – whatever it may be that you might consider ‘doing later’.

Clean little and often

Nobody wants to spend hours on end cleaning in the evenings or weekends and you don’t have to! By simply spending 5-10 minutes a day cleaning and maintaining a room or two you will significantly cut down the overall time you spend on cleaning every week. Staying ahead of the mess will not only make your home look better but it will reduce your stress levels and give you a clearer head, as after all, a tidy home is a tidy mind.

Clean your bath or shower after every use, yes every use!

Simply use a squeegee to wipe down any scum from your bath or shower after every use to avoid a build-up of dirt that’ll be even harder to clean later on; rinse your bath or shower fully to ensure no residue is left behind. There are also a range of bathroom cleaners on the market which you can simply spray in your bath, shower or sink and leave to settle, that will prevent any build-up of dirt and scale! Also, leaving the shower and bathroom door open will prevent mould building in those smaller and harder to clean areas.

Don’t move dust, remove it

Your traditional feather duster or cloth doesn’t remove dust unless you catch it and bin it. The majority of the time you are just moving it into the atmosphere for it to fall elsewhere or onto the carpet. Invest in a hand-held vacuum cleaner, they are great for small spaces such as shelves and furniture units, as well as removing crumbs from the settee and car seats. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth to trap the dust and remove it for good.

Invest in quality cleaning products

You don’t need to spend a fortune on cleaning products but a decent multi-purpose cleaner is a necessity in any household. Purchase cleaning products that will do the bulk of the work for you and that you can use for multiple surfaces and appliances. ‘Spray and walk away’ cleaners are available in most supermarkets and can be used for cleaning kitchens, ovens, bathrooms, flooring, carpets and more. Their strong cleaning power will save you time and energy and give you great results. Simply spray on the surface, leave it to settle for approximately 10 minutes and when you return you’ll only need to wipe away the dirt without scrubbing.

Good luck and enjoy!